Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)         
How is academicjobs.net different from other job boards and higher ed employment sites I have used in the past?
We offer many features and services that distinguish AcademicJobs from other higher education employment sites. Here are a some examples that you will notice and appreciate right away:

-- Video. academicjobs.net is the first higher ed employment and recruitment site where job seekers can learn about employers by viewing high-quality videos right on their computers. You will be able to browse and research hundreds of Employer Video Profiles on our site any time at your convenience. The videos will be about three minutes long and will give you insight into colleges and universities where you would like to be hired. For colleges our videos are a great opportunity to let you know things about them that you might not have known about before. For example some of the videos will feature campus events or highlights, profiles of top university professors and researchers, and stories about what colleges are doing to become more exemplary workplaces.

-- Front Page job seekers. academicjobs.net puts the job seeker first - literally. We are the first and only higher education employment site that features job seeker photos and bios prominently on our front page. Right now we have the photos and bios of 8 talented job seekers who are ready to be hired into positions in academe.  Each week we will promote 8 new higher ed job seekers on our front page. Placing job seekers in such a high-visibility location on our site will help them be seen by employers and recruiters who may not have known about them otherwise.  This kind of visibility will likely lead to more contact between employers and job seekers, more interviews, more job offers, and hopefully more candidates getting hired. If you would like to have your bio featured on our front page and be seen by hundreds of top recruiters and employers, please email us at jobseekers@academicjobs.net

What is The Academe A-List and how will it help my job search and my career?

The Academe A-List is the brand new free weekly work-and-lifestyles newsletter published by academicjobs.net. Every week, the A-List will be emailed to thousands of job seekers, recruiters, and higher education professionals. It will feature a list of top job openings at colleges and universities, and a list of feaured job seekers. It will also feature lifestyle lists including the Gadget List (helpful electronic items that make life in academe better, including the latest cell phones, laptop computers, and more); the Travel List (best places to visit and relax when not you're not working in academe) and the Health List (strategies we all can use to reduce workplace stress and live healthier lives). We know that you are busy and keeping up with all of those things would be difficult to do. The A-List will do the all work for you. We find out which people, jobs, and trends are hot and creating a buzz. And then deliver it right to your email in-box every week for free.


Is there a fee to have my bio and photo featured on the front page of academicjobs.net?

academicjobs.net is free for job seekers and there is no charge to have your photo and bio featured on our front page. If you would like to be featured on our front page please email us at jobseekers@academicjobs.net.


Your website can definitely help me with my job search, but I don't want it to be known that I am looking for a job. Will you put my photo and bio on the front page without my permission?
No. We will only include you as a featured job seeker if we have your written permission to do so. We will not randomly select job seekers and put them on the front page. Also, you can rest assured that all information you provide us with when signing up for AcademicJobs will be kept confidential and secure.


If I use academicjobs.net to create my resume online, will it be seen by every employer who looks in your Resume Database?

No. When you create your resume on academicjobs.net you can check a box that will make sure your resume is not made public for employers to see. You have control and can decide which employers will see your resume. When you apply for an opening through our site, you can email your resume to the employers of your choice.


The featured bios on the front page are a great idea. Who is best suited to be featured there and how do you choose who is shown there?

To start, we will do it on a first-come, first-served basis. As we get more and more job seekers who want us to feature their bios, we will have to choose which eight will be featured. We will aim to have the eight featured profiles represent a diverse mix of job candidates of all ages and from all levels and areas of academe.


Is there a fee to view the AcademicJobs Video Institutional Profiles?

Watching the Employer Video Profiles on AcademicJobs is free. You will be able to view thousands of videos about the schools you want to work for, and there is no viewing fee. We encourage you to share videos with your friends and family. Because if you are considering working at a particular college, your friends and family members will likely want to know more about the school also. When your family and friends view our videos, it is free for them also.


Is there a fee to search positions or to create a job seeker account?

Creating and using your MyAcademicJobs account is free. And searching all jobs on our site is free also.


Who are the best contacts for questions about searching jobs on academicjobs.net?

You can email our team members Ellen Carlson or Julie Ferrell at jobseekers@academicjobs.net.


How do I apply for positions listed using academicjobs.net?

Each employer usually states their preferred way to be contacted with each job listing. Read the application instructions in the job description carefully. Some employers prefer electronic applications over mailed ones and vice-versa. If an employer accepts emailed applications, you can use AcademicJobs to email your resume or vita and apply through our website.


Can I save my job search criteria so it is ready each time I use the site?

Yes. When you create a Job Agent on AcademicJobs you can save specific search criteria. And Job Agents will alert you by email each time a new job is posted on our site that fits your search criteria.


Is there a fast way to search for a position while zeroing in on multiple criteria?

Yes. Our Advanced Search allows you to search positions using multiple search criteria.


What is the best way to edit my resume on AcademicJobs?

AcademicJobs makes it easy to edit and send off your resume. Log into your MyAcademicJobs account. From the MyAcademicJobs home page, click "Manage All" in the Resume/Vita section, and then click the Edit link to begin making changes.

We will add many new questions to the academicjobs.net FAQ pages in the days ahead. Please email us any questions you have and some of them will likely be added to our FAQ page.


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