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Software Engineering Intern 2023


Job Description

Internship Timeline: Approximate timeframe from early- June to late-August (We will work to accommodate both Semester or Quarter schedules)

Position location: Oceanside, CA

General Description: You will be part of a growing team of developers that work on the full stack of all applications within the organization. You will be responsible for all aspects of software development that MagnaFlow uses internally and externally. No idea is a bad idea, we love to hear what you have to bring to the table.

Are you ready to work for an awesome company that you can bring new ideas and technologies? Are you looking for a challenging but rewarding opportunity? If so, please read on.

We are looking for a developer who is ready to conquer the world but also brings good ideas to the table.

Throughout the internship, work with different project teams:
  • Document, design, scope, develop and test new software applications
o Interview application users
o Assess new application ideas and designs
o Research off the shelf solutions
o Develop applications (coding, programming)
  • Support deployed applications (Dev/Ops)
  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science & Applications, Computer Science and Computer & Systems Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Mathematics, Computer Science & Network Security and Math & Computer Science, and/or a related field
  • Experience with, or desire to learn full stack development
  • A desire to learn and work with cutting edge technology such as Kubernetes, Docker and Serverless applications
  • Analytical and problem-solving thinking
  • Ability to work in teams of other developers
  • Experience programming in C, C++, C# or Java

Joel Spolsky Test
Here is how we rate when it comes to the Joel test.
1. Do you use source control? Yes
2. Can you make a build in one step? Yes
3. Do you make daily builds? Yes
4. Do you have a bug database? Yes
5. Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Yes
6. Do you have an up-to-date schedule? Yes
7. Do you have a spec? Yes
8. Do programmers have quiet working conditions? Yes
9. Do you use the best tools money can buy? Yes
10. Do you have testers? No
11. Do new candidates write code during their interview? Yes
12. Do you do hallway usability testing? No

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to sit and stand intermittently, use a keyboard, climb stairs occasionally, and lift up to 25 pounds with or without accommodations. These duties may be expanded, deleted, or changed at any time per management’s discretion.

Recruiting Process:
The intern candidate evaluation process has been designed to allow both the candidate and MagnaFlow the time necessary to gain a solid, candid understanding of one another to ensure the candidate will be successful in the internship.

The evaluation process will include a combination of phone and video interviews. During the process, the candidate will have the opportunity to speak with members of Information Technology, Executive Management and Human Resources.

What’s In It For You?

  • We Pay You! - Get paid $25 an hour for the entire summer.
  • Tangible results – Know and understand in-depth the problems you are working to solve.
  • Experience in action – Learn how various teams throughout the organization collaborate and align on multiple business priorities simultaneously.
  • Leadership mentoring – Meet with the MagnaFlow leadership team members to see how they got where they are now.
  • Network with our other summer interns to share your experiences – Excellent opportunity to network and compare what you are learning with like-minded people and establish long-term professional relationships.
  • Solving real business problems alongside our team of developers – Solve a business problem from start to finish with the help of our team.
  • Project presentation with key stake holders of the business – Present a project you started and completed at the end of the summer to the leadership team.
  • MagnaFlow SWAG – You get cool MagnaFlow SWAG to wear.
  • Paid Holidays – Get the same holiday benefits that our team members enjoy.


Please answer the below questions (at least 2-3 sentences), and submit this page together with your resume. Phone / video interviews will be scheduled during the month of January 2021.

1. What experience or interest do you have with the automotive industry?
2. Why do you want to work for MagnaFlow?
3. What separates you / your candidacy from your peers in your field of study?
4. What are you looking to learn during an internship opportunity at MagnaFlow?
5. Describe a scenario where you solved a problem on a project that had minimal instruction.
6. Tell us something unique about you as an individual that may not come through from your resume.
7. If selected for the internship, what dates will you be available to work?

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