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Postdoctoral Fellow (Chemical Biology / Bioengineering / Cell Biology)

Oregon Health & Science University

Job Description

Postdoctoral Fellow (Chemical Biology / Bioengineering / Cell Biology)

Full Job Description

October 31, 2022

An NIH-funded postdoc positions is available in the Nan lab of Biophysics / Cancer Biology at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland, Oregon. The postdoc fellow will work on quantitative cancer biology using multiplexed single-molecule and superresolution microscopy (SRM) in combination with biochemical methods. The ideal candidate is expected to have solid training in chemical, molecular, and/or cell biology. Candidates with a chemical / bio / biomedical engineering background are also welcome to apply. Experience with recombinant protein expression, bioconjugations, and biological sample handling (such as immunofluorescence sample preparation) is preferred.

Our lab has pioneered the development of quantitative SRM, such as quantitative photoactivated localization microscopy (qPALM, Nan et al PNAS 2013), and used it to discover the role of Ras dimers in oncogenic signaling (Nan et al. PNAS 2015), a new direction in the Ras biology field with important basic and translational implications (Chen et al. Mini Rev Med Chem. 2016; Ozdemir et al. Genes 2022). More recently, we have extended DNA point accumulation in nanoscale topography (DNA-PAINT) into a fast, convenient tool for multiplexed SRM imaging (Huang et al Biophys. J. 2018; Civitci et al. Nature Comms, 2020). The tools have been used to study Ras dimerization (ongoing, NIH-supported project) and other important cancer biology problems (e.g. Zheng et al. Science, 2021). Please consult our lab website (http://www.ohsu.edu/nan) for more details.

The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to work closely with team members in diverse expertise areas including optics, imaging, computation, biochemistry, and cancer biology. Come join us to work on an incredibly active and exciting front of biological microscopy!

Potential candidates please email the PI directly or submit your application on this site.


1. Phelps, C†; Huang, T†; Wang, J; and Nan, XL*. Multipair Föster resonance energy transfer via spectrally resolved single-molecule detection. J. Phys. Chem. B., 126(31), 5765 (2022). view online

2. Koester, AM; Tao, K; Szczepaniak, M; Rames, MJ; and Nan, XL*. Nanoscopic spatial association between Ras and phosphatidylserine on the cell membrane studied with multicolor super resolution microscopy. Biomolecules, 12(8), 1033 (2022).

3. Civitci, F†; Shangguan, J†; Zheng, T†; Tao, K†, Rames, M; Kenison, J; Zhang, Y; Wu, L; Phelps, C; Esener, S; Nan, XL*. Fast and multiplexed superresolution imaging with DNA-PAINT-ERS. Nature Communications. 11(1), 1-8 (2020)

4. Lee, Y; Phelps, C; Huang, T; Mostofian, B; Wu, L; Zhang, Y; Tao, K; Chang, YH; Stork, PJS; Gray, JW; Zuckerman, DM*, Nan, XL*. High-throughput single-particle tracking reveals nested membrane domains that dictates KRasG12D diffusion and trafficking. eLife, 8:e46393 (2019)

5. Huang, T; Phelps, C; Wang, J; Lin, LJ; Bittel, A; Scott, Z; Jacques, S; Gibbs, SL; Gray, JW; Nan, XL*. Simultaneous multicolor single-molecule tracking with single-laser excitation via spectral imaging. Biophys. J., 114, 301 (2018)

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $53,760.00 per year


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance
  • Vision insurance


  • Monday to Friday


  • Doctorate (Required)


  • Cell & Molecular Biologists: 2 years (Preferred)

Work Location: One location

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