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Pratt Community College

Job Description

This position is responsible to and serves the needs of students and the college, performing a variety of management and general business functions related to records management.  The Registrar manages the overall organization, release, and maintenance of student academic records; evaluates transfer credit; helps maintain the student information system by managing and conducting data entry and edits.  Oversees and validates degree audits and final conferring of degrees and certificates.  The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of student and academic records.  The Registrar is the certifying official for enrollment status, eligibility to participate in college athletics, and graduation.  The Registrar participates in design and implementation of policies related to student records and is responsible for day-to-day decisions and tasks related to records management and enrollment services.
The Registrar is directly responsible to the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management for the duties and responsibilities related to student and institutional records and enrollment services.  Is delegated the authority necessary to perform the tasks listed on the job description.
     Primary Functions/Responsibilities

  1. Evaluate all incoming college transcripts, manage transfer policies and post transfer courses to the official student transcript as required. Data entry of equivalency courses as required.
  2. Maintain the degree audit system and verify students for graduation.  Assume full responsible for providing student degree audits and reporting an audit summary to academic advisors and students.  Establish a method to provide feedback to academic advisors regarding student transcript evaluation and degree audit.
  3. Manage the academic planning tool and lead the team overseeing maintenance of the online tool.
  4. Verify the credentials of all candidates for graduation and for various honors connected with academic success.  Assume responsibility for all decisions related to the authorization of credentials.
  5. Processing of directed study and other specially arranged courses. 
  6. Monitor and assist with processing of grades and grade changes.
  7. Conduct transfer record evaluation and maintain the transfer equivalency data with state colleges and universities as required.  Maintain an up-to-date library of transfer information for students and academic advisors made available through the college website as required.  Coordinate and assist with transfer and articulation information from university representatives as required.  Provide feedback on a regular basis to students, counselors, and academic advisors as required.
  8. Participate in evaluation of transfer credit (i.e. military, international student, occupational education, credit for prior learning).
  9. Work directly with the National Student Clearinghouse including enrollment verifications, reporting services and transcript services.
  10. Develop and articulate information in regard to student record policies and procedures.
  11. Serve as a resource for providing information about enrollment policies and procedures.
  12. Review and process residency applications, making all decisions regarding residency status.  Remain current on regulations.
  13. Serve as the campus official for the Council for Adult Experiential Learning and assessment of credentials for credit.
  14. Coordinate with the Coordinator of Enrollment Services regarding management of student transcript records.
  15. Coordinate, maintain and process reports and audits for external and internal reports as needed. 
  16. Serve as the institutional contact for legal issues such as FERPA, Solomon Amendment, and Student Right-to-know.  Assume responsibility for understanding legislation and guidelines to ensure compliance by the institution.
  17. Evaluation of student credentials to determine admission status and placement at the college.  This includes high school, non-traditional, transfer international, credit for prior learning and military students.
  18. Responsible for notification to students and college officials of academic suspension and probation of students under college regulations.
  19. Verify student eligibility for athletic participation in conjunction with the Director/Assistant Director of Athletics.
  20. Coordinate and oversee graduation activities and determine eligibility for graduation.
  21. Maintain an emphasis on quality service to internal and external customers.
  22. Responsible for planning and evaluation of department activities in cooperation with the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management.
  23. Work closely with computer center staff on ‘quality assurance’ issues with student information system.
  24. Work closely with the institutional effectiveness/data services staff to understand data files within student information system and to verify and ensure integrity of data.
  25. Facilitate, with the assistance of the Data Coordinator, students on the President’s and Dean’s Honor Roll under college regulations.
  26. Responsible for departmental budget expenditures.
  27. Assist in troubleshooting Etrieve files.
  28. Serve as help desk/trainer for Power Campus Registrar module.
  29. Develop a solid and professional rapport with department staff, faculty members, staff and board of trustee members.
  30. Must possess excellent interpersonal communication, management, analytical skills.
  31. Must possess excellent planning, ability to prioritize work and perform well under pressure.
  32. Must be detail oriented, collaborate well with others and make responsible decisions.
  33. Serve on committees as assigned or requested.
  34. Other duties as assigned by Vice President or President.            

      Coordination and Accountability Tasks

  1. Perform other duties assigned by the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management.
  2. Participate in staff development, in-service training, committee assignments, and educational advancement on a regular basis or as directed.

      Supervises the Following Staff

  1. Assistant Registrar
  2. Office Assistant – Student Services
  3. Work study personnel.

      Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other Characteristics

  1. Conscientious about the work environment, must be accurate, problem solver and detail oriented.
  2. Must enjoy working with people and demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as the ability to foster effective campus and external relationships.
  3. Ability to be creative and innovative.
  4. Able to implement marketing techniques.
  5. Understand and implement needs assessments.
  6. Entrepreneurial in setting goals and objectives and general operation.
  7. Able to develop a professional and solid rapport with department staff, faculty members, staff, administration, and Board of Trustee members and work in a community college environment.
  8. Serve within a non-traditional and collaborative work environment.
  9. Excellent computer skills and maintaining data on-line.
  10. Good organizational, time management skills and the ability to multi-task and demonstrate excellent customer service, marketing and sales skills, with a service-centered philosophy.
  11. Self-starter and have the ability to work and make decisions independently.
  12. Willing to work evenings and/or weekends.
  13. Work with a diverse population and support diversity awareness.
  14. Understand and support the mission, philosophy, vision, goals and objectives of PCC.
  15. Possess a high degree of ethical standards, including adherence to general rules for safety and procedures.
  16. Understand Power Campus, Self-Service, Canvas and Etrieve systems and procedures.
  17. Self-motivated, goal orientated and forward thinking.

1.   Two years’ experience working in record keeping, auditing, and customer service or database management required.
3.   Two years’ experience in in handling confidential information and data preferred.
4.   Supervisory skills preferred.
5.   Experience working in a college or education setting preferred.
1.  Bachelor’s degree required. Concentration in business, management, business operations, accounting, public relations, sales or education preferred.
2.  Master’s degree preferred.
      Certifications and/or Licensure
     Work Conditions/Environment
      Office setting

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